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George Explains BioFuel

“Over the last decade or so, we have been involved in finding the best technology available to set ourselves apart from the competition. There was often frustration to learn of a type of oil burner available in Europe that was not available here in Maine. One of the reasons I was told was that the quality of the heating fuel here was not as good as what was available in Europe. When looking for ways to change that, I came upon daunting obstructions that I could not effect in my capacity as a small time contractor.

discoverySometime later, while researching fuel, I stumbled upon the concept of BioFuel and its technical characteristics being superior to what we had available. I attempted to convince local oil companies to consider offering this. There was no interest.?? Sometime later I was contacted by Frontier Energy who heard of us and asked us if we would be interested in performing service on customers they might obtain in our area. I decided to go a step further and worked with them to start a delivery service and that is how it began.

I soon learned that besides the benefit of a better fuel, there were environmental advantages due to the energy input verses the output.? Meaning improved heating efficiency for our fuel oil customers.

Things kept getting better when I learned that there were also disadvantages to using a virgin agriculture product as a feed stock for fuel, but we were able to get long term, secure commitments for BioFuel derived from waste materials such as animal renderings (tallow) and waste vegetable oil (WVO). Not only were these from more local sources, the specification of the fuel was really great.

Now we, Harvest Energy, have the advantage of offering cleaner burning systems with less problems and reducing the impact of our energy use all at a competitive price.” – George Haselton


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