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BioHeat? by Harvest Fuels is heating oil for residential and commercial uses.? BioHeat? is a clean-burning replacement fuel made from natural, renewable, recycled agricultural resources. Clean, efficient and with less harmful emissions than petroleum based heating oil, BioHeat? will help the environment and keep your heating system running more efficiently than ever.? Read more...



#2 Heating Oil

Our standard #2 Heating Oil promises to meet your energy needs as well as meet or exceed ASTM D-396 standards for fuel quality, combustion quality and corrosion resistance. And our heating oil has been developed to help minimize or eliminate contaminants and keep heating oil equipment running trouble-free.



Harvest Energy offers Propane as an alternative heating fuel.?? Propane is an environmentally friendly choice for heating systems, powering vehicles and many other applications.? Sometimes called the “green” energy, propane provides clean, reliable, safe energy at great value!?? Call Us to learn more about the benefits of using propane as your primary energy solution.



K-1 Kerosene

Harvest Energy carries? K-1 Kerosene for our customers who have space heaters and similar appliances.?? Low Sulfur K-1 Kerosene, sometimes referred to as #1 Heating Oil, is an efficient heating fuel that offers ideal cold weather characteristics.? Perfect for our midcoast Maine winters.?? Call Us to find out if our K-1 Kerosene is suitable for your heating system.



Diesel Fuel

We offer quality grade Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel, produced and stored to the highest standards for you and your vehicle or vessel.? Available to residential, commercial and industrial accounts.? Whether you’re a fleet operator or an everyday driver, our diesel fuel is blended to provide you with good ignition quality, good fuel economy and low-temperature performance.


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